Art is an exercise in obedience to a greater calling; it is a search, as if in prayer, for meaning and purpose.

For inspiration I draw mainly from Old or New Testament Scriptures, poetry, and music, moving from literal to illusionistic and metaphoric forms, investigating that which is invisible. It is this relationship with the invisible and the inexplicable that interests me.

This communion permits an expression of the self, finding sacred spaces where one can be in touch with creativity.  And it is in my creativity that  I feel the presence of the Invisible.

It is thus in a spirit of constant personal renewal that I approach my work, as a spiritual journey, an exercise and meditation on the essence of life.

Silvana Tei Kenney graduated from CSU Northridge, CA with a Master of Art, with emphasis in sculpture.  She exhibited in various galleries, universities and churches.  Some of her recent works include an installation at the Medici Chapel in Seravezza, Tuscany, an installation in a cave in the Masseria  Jesce, Puglia, Italy, and a volunteer restoration project in the Medieval town of St. Victor la Coste, Southern France.